We find ourselves battling to achieve a balanced life in the midst of a global pandemic, that has caused a dramatic upheaval of our world. The intense hunger for connection and closeness, the urge to explore, is sharply contrasted with our limited social freedoms - our civic duty. A sense of being powerless against the enormity of this disease, and anger at how we’ve been forced to withdraw from basic human connection, touch and interaction, has ignited a reactionary desire to defy the rules of isolation. To irreverently celebrate freedom and expression. To explore, touch and connect. We could not embrace those we love. When we can, we will do so often and passionately. We could not safely explore. When we can, our exploring must never stop.

Smoke Grey Pique Tee Short Sleeve

While creating collection 6, we were mindful of our key principles of timeless design, and understated innovation. The colour palette should instil feelings of calm. Hues of muted pink, greyed blues and faded greens echo those soft, subtle shades found in nature. Many of the looks are styled as monochrome pairings, creating a considered, serene aesthetic. An antidote to the current chaos.

Wool & Mohair Roundneck Folkstone Grey

Each season, FIELDS collaborates with local artists whose message and aesthetic resonates with us. We create limited edition pieces that are true collectors items. This season we collaborated with Johannesburg-based multidisciplinary artist, Mbali DhlaminiDhlamini is passionate about decolonising contemporary African identity construction, and her work functions as a dialogue between past and present landscapes.

Wool & Mohair Artist Collaboration Sweater featuring Mbali Dhlamini

I hope you enjoy the collection!



Field emblem on granite