Factory Manufacturing Partners

We take pride in partnering with specialist Southern African factories, that are responsibly run, uphold local craftsmanship, pay fairly and treat their employees with dignity. It is important to us to facilitate and support the local garment industry, rather than outsourcing manufacturers overseas. Our relationship with these factories is collaborative, and through continual interactions, we seek to refine and perfect our pieces, improve quality, and minimise wastage.

Our knitters, weavers and CMTs (Cut, Make, Trim) partners are all based in Southern Africa, with many in the Western Cape. It is here that the textiles are cut, sewn, pressed and finished before being delivered to our HQ Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. This allows us to closely monitor quality, ensure production is on schedule, and minimise unnecessary transportation emissions. We work with specialist manufacturers and strive to achieve the best results e.g. Our trousers are made in a factory that only sews trousers - meaning their equipment, technique and execution are of a high standard. Our denim trousers are crafted in a specialist denim house. Our jackets are tailored in a factory that only makes jackets and dresses. Our shirts are made in a factory that only makes shirts.

Wherever possible we try to mitigate waste, and we repurpose overruns and flawed fabric into tote bags, that function as reusable packaging when you purchase an item in our flagship store. We weave our artist collaboration totes on a jacquard loom with close to zero waste - the full width of the fabric is used, except for the selvedge - which is upcycled by one of our team members. Our tote bags are manufactured through a company that facilitates a network of previously disadvantaged sewing technicians as independent contractors - who are paid a good rate, are free to take on additional work, and all work from home using their own equipment - eliminating the need for commute.