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Be The Change 

Buhle Nkalashe Artist Collaboration

The FIELD Jacket

They’re his FIELDS of interest, his FIELDS of experience, his FIELDS of flow. No two identities are alike, but almost all will find some overlap with the person beside him if he opens himself up. In the most literal and metaphoric sense, a man’s FIELDS comprise his nature which we group as Outdoor - the tactile, fresh air, physicality and nature play, Art - including work, creativity, leadership and the meaningful impact your art can make and Soul - encompassing contemplation, purity, connection, love and integrity.

Sustainability crafted in natural fibres sourced and made throughout southern Africashipped worldwide. Fields is a contemporary menswear clothing brand. Our products have been created to be collected and shared in journeys from home to the workspace, from streets to the outdoors, and in the world’s foremost cities.

Artist Collaborations

Each season, FIELDS collaborates with African artists whose message and visual themes resonate with us. The result is select limited edition pieces that are remarkably unique.