In conversation with HAMISH PEDDIE

In conversation with HAMISH PEDDIE

Scottish native Hamish Peddie left his job to found the concept store Salvo in Hong Kong in 2021 and has been a stockist of FIELDS ever since. We chat to him about pursuing...
Interview with designer label boutique store owner for FIELDS

In Conversation with Sylvain Lance Pierre

Parisian-born retail expert and owner of Cape Town-based boutique Bastille, Sylvain Lance Pierre knows a thing or two about the ultimate shopping experience. We chat to him about the importance of selecting the right brands, what’s to come in the world of retail and of course, his love for FIELDS 

In Conversation with Kim Van Vuuren

For our second collection, we reached out to visual artist and graphic designer Kim Van Vuuren to collaborate with us. As one of two South African creators we have chosen to work with on our Building Connections collection, Kim’s simple yet dramatic forms evoke a sense of wonder for the viewer.