This month, we launch our fourth collection of artist collaboration pieces with Cape Town artist and architect, Renée Rossouw. For our theme this season, 'Finding Opportunity', Renée created a morning moment on the beach where the vast horizon of the ocean and the warmth and depth of sand allows one to be in connection with existence.

In this post we ask Renée a couple of questions referencing her collaboration with FIELDS, her processes when creating a piece of art, and what she hopes to communicate with her images. 

Renee Rossouw

How did the collaboration with FIELDS come about? 

My friend, Michael Chandler, who you've partnered with before, introduced FIELDS to my work, as I often collaborate with fabric type projects. The simplicity and colour of some of my work makes it translatable to fashion. 

What were the things to consider when creating for a garment that’s to be worn, as opposed to any of the more “traditional” surfaces? 

Once you translate the art onto the garment, you have to start deconstructing the artwork because the sleeves and back are just as important - a garment has many different body parts. This means it has to be flexible in order to find a middle ground where the art and garment meet, whilst still making it desirable for the user. It has to be something you want to wear too. 

How does this collaboration differ from some of the others you’ve done?

I’ve never done anything for a menswear brand before and have always wanted to do so. I love that FIELDS brings quality manufacturing to the South African market.

Artist Collaboration Sweater featuring Renee Rossouw

Take us through the process of creating this particular piece?

The artwork was made many years ago as a painting, the shapes came intuitively, the work is symbolic and tries to capture a feeling more than anything else. 

How did you interpret the fundamental message of the collection 'Finding Opportunity'?

Personally, finding opportunity is created by making space for newness to come in. This newness is unknown, filled with opportunity. As a creative, it's about not getting too attached to an outcome, and then some magic happens.

Is there a part that you particularly enjoy when working on a creative brief?

The exploratory and process, when it isn’t real yet. 

What do you hope the wearer feels when putting your work on their body? 

A sense of spaciousness and self confidence.

The idea of fashion being “wearable art” has long been debated, what are your thoughts about it? 

I think fashion is on the forefront of channeling our socio-economic and social currency - it’s very reflective of where society is. 

Your piece for FIELDS depicts a morning moment on the beach, where the vast horizon of the ocean and the warmth and depth of sand allows one just to be in connection with existence. What did you hope to communicate with this work of art?

I hope to exhibit the importance of making time, and finding peace within one's self in order to embody peace in society. Connecting with the ocean is a powerful way to create this in your life.

When investing in a piece of clothing, what is important to you?


Artist Collaboration Sweater featuring Renee Rossouw

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