We recently featured in House & Leisure magazine's 'Create' issue profiling our founder and designer, Mikael Hanan, and his admirable intentions behind 'Creating a Fashion Legacy' with FIELDS. Long-time admirers of this iconic South African design, interiors and lifestyle magazine, we invited their editor-in-chief, Charl Edwards, to our flagship store in Cape Town to chat about what style means to him and what is grabbing his attention in the world of art, design and fashion right now...

House & Leisure, Vol. 8 'Create' Issue

Read the H&L feature here: Vol. 8, Autumn 2023, 'CREATE' issue 

What does style mean to you?

To me it's a sense of self, understanding who you are, and owning it. Being comfortable with your identity (no compromise!) and living it out to the fullest. 

Charl Edwards

Charl wears our Weekend Trousers in IncenseLong Sleeve Pique Tee in Smoke Grey and Fields Shirt in Green Eyes.⁠


Describe your personal style in 3 words:
Colourful. Monochromatic. Eccentric.

Charl Edwards in FIELDS artist sweater

Charl wears our Weekend Trousers in Incense and Fields x Hugh Byrne Artist Sweater.


What are you most drawn to lately in the world of fashion, art, and design?
Wit. Playfulness. Storytelling. I'm crushing on the following people and brands who are doing just that:

NEW DISCOVERY:  Gabriel Hope from Ex Hotel furniture brand. Good-looking and smart design combined with a cheeky sense of humour. 
    FRIEND & MUSE:  Frances van Hasselt from Frances V.H Mohair in Prince Albert. She's a trailblazer in our local craft and fashion industry, and leading by example all the way from the Karoo.
      STYLE ICON: Simon Porte Jacquesmus from French fashion house Jacquesmus. His playful yet effortless take on design, and vibrant use of colour, gives me so much joy to watch. 

        Charl Edwards in FIELDS Artist Sweater SS'23

        What is the style legacy you hope to be remembered for?
        I hope that I will become known (and remembered) for welcoming and championing everyone’s styles and voices around me in our industry. 
        We’re surrounded by the most creative and talented people, and it’s my responsibility as Editor of House and Leisure to use our platform to showcase and celebrate these diverse styles.

        What wouldn't you be caught dead wearing:
        Purple, red or orange. 



        House & Leisure Vol. 9 'Cocoon' Issue

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