Friend, fashion and landscape photographer, Ian Engelbrecht, walks us through his early days with photographs, the inspiration behind them and his preferences when buying clothes. Continue reading to find out more about the man behind the lens, shooting prior FIELDS collections and hopefully, many more to come.

FIELDS: Do you remember what it was that sparked your interest in photography and more so, what made you choose it as your career path?

IE: I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school until I took a black and white photography printing course. I thoroughly enjoyed the process so I approached the lecturer to see if photography was a viable career path, he gave me some great advice. Later on, I ended up doing a three year course at Ruth Prowse, coincidentally with that exact same lecturer!

FIELDS: The world of photography has changed so much in the past few years, from accessibility and process to how it is consumed. How do you find the balance between upholding the tradition of technical skill and adapting to the fast-paced digital world? 

IE: Personal work is what keeps me sane and balanced. These projects of mine are shot on film, which keeps me grounded in my roots as a photographer. The digital side has given me an incredible platform to showcase and connect with people all over the world. 


FIELDS: Many creatives have resorted to using instagram to look at the world and find inspiration. Where do you seek inspiration these days? 

IE: Exploring Cape Town on sunny days is my biggest inspiration. You can usually find me walking along the beach with either my Contax T2 or Mju2 in hand, keeping an eye out for that next interesting location.

FIELDS: What are the challenges you face, if any, on creating something original in a very cluttered fashion space where everything has already been done? In other words, how do you stay original?

IE: I think collaborating with creatives helps me stay original, when you find yourself on set bouncing ideas off the team. That's usually when the magic happens. Being open to ideas and giving them a chance to grow is key.

FIELDS: What was your starting point as you began to imagine how collection 5 would be visually interpreted? 

IE: I was immediately inspired by the colours and the textures of the collection. It took me back to a beautiful hike I'd done in the Cederberg two years prior. 

FIELDS: How did you settle on location for this shoot?

IE: With that hike in mind, I wanted to find a location with easy accessibility which would mimic the landscape I'd seen. The spot I found was a field above an old abandoned quarry in Vredehoek, which gave me a similar feeling. With its dry grass and deep red soil… It felt like it could be any rural setting out of town.


FIELDS: What is important for you when you are investing in a piece of clothing?

IE: Quality minimal pieces with longevity in mind.


FIELDS: Denim or leather?

IE: Leather (Must be vintage or secondhand)

FIELDS: V-Neck or Crew?

IE: Crew 

FIELDS: All-time favourite artist or photographer?

IE: Peter Lindbergh

FIELDS: What do you look for in a piece of clothing?

IE: Texture of the fabric

FIELDS: What are you listening to at the moment?

IE: Miles Davis 

FIELDS: Your favourite piece from the FIELDS collection?

IE: The Weekend Trouser

FIELDS: Sunglasses or watch?

IE: Sunglasses

FIELDS: Backpack or duffle?

IE: Duffle

FIELDS: Maximalist or minimalist?

IE: Minimalist

FIELDS: Monochrome or colour?

IE: Monochrome

FIELDS: Could you show us the last image you took on your phone?