South Africa’s fashion guru and curator, Felipe Mazibuko, has been part of our FIELDS’ journey, inspiring us as our style muse. Photographed in our Long Sleeve Pique Tee in Pine Grove and Artist Collaboration Tote ft. Buhle Nkalashe, we continue to be curious about his perspective on personal style, the importance of buying local fashion and what makes the perfect tee.

FIELDS: What do you want people to know about your style?

FM: It's classically Feliped... Edgy, modern, local yet global.

FIELDS: Has personal style always been important to you? 

FM: Yes, my Sowetan roots have played an important part in my stylistic outlook.

FIELDS: What advice would you give to someone trying to find/ redefine their personal style? 

FM: Understand your body, mind and soul. 

FIELDS: What is important to you when buying a piece of clothing? 

FM: At the moment, my purchases have to be local. I opt to only shop from African designers in the continent. I also take into consideration the diaspora of the garment.

FIELDS: Your Pique tee, have you taken your tee on any adventures?

FM: Yes, I wore it to the opening night of Banele Khoza's "27 Love Life and Lockdown" exhibition at the Keys Art Mile in JHB.

FIELDS What makes the perfect tee? 

FM: No side seams; tween needle stitch hem, 100% cotton and a fine ribbed neckline makes the perfect tee for me.

FIELDS: How do you think South African fashion has grown and evolved? 

FM: We are only in our 23rd year of our development of South African Fashion Weeks. I have seen strong brands come and go. The most important issue is the development of the business of fashion versus only the creativity. There needs to be cohesion with all the stakeholders, i.e. designers, Small Designer Emporium, department stores and the SA government departments including DAC and The Department of Trade and Industry, and existing Fashion Weeks.

Complete the sentence…

  1. From Monday to Friday... I do research, consult on different projects ranging from fashion to music to art.
  2. What I love most about what I do is… the freedom and diversity of different projects I embark on because I tap into different subcultures.
  3. Creatively, I am inspired by... Soweto, since it is multicultural and multilingual.
  4. When I’m not working, you’ll find me… constantly thinking on my toes.

Flash Round:

  1. Your signature fragrance? Anything with OUD
  2. Favourite South African city? Joziburg
  3. Favourite international city? New York City
  4. Favourite place to eat? Tashas
  5. Drink of choice? Locally crafted Gin and Tonic, Prosecco, Champagne
  6. What’s on your bucket list? There are so many!!! But here goes...Finishing my South African history books, travelling to Japan to have a sit down with T Michael Bergen then to Paris to see friends and engage in French culture. Most importantly my first stop would be my continent, Nigeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Kenya.


Photographer Vuyisile Mabena

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