You want to be a part of a change. Now, it begins with an opportunity. This comes at perhaps the most fitting time, knowing that Spring represents newness, a blossoming and a time to restart. We look to a quiet, but hopeful optimism and the commitment to the opportunity you've chosen to pursue in your multifaceted worlds of Art, Outdoor and Soul.

The Pique Tee in Dusty Pink

I was in Dubai when planning this collection, and found myself inspired by the first light of day as it rose above the many high rises in the city. Mapping for this season began prior to the pandemic and concluded during lockdown - resulting in a shift in direction from what was originally planned. ‘Finding Opportunity’ is the theme that we carry, presenting a message of perseverance in these times of a pandemic. This season remains classic in cut and premium in quality, creating confident silhouettes. With that, we introduce a few new additions of colour, alongside our artist collaboration pieces.

The FIELD Shirt in Green Eyes

For this collection, I looked to pastel hues of dusty pink, stone, a rising golden yellow and tones of glowing blues. These colours fill the horizon over our cities, deserts and sea-scapes as the sun begins to lift itself up. Silhouettes of the garments are more refined with a greater attention to detail but the same confident restraint that you've come to expect of FIELDS. Our focus continues to create sustainably-led pieces made from natural fibres that form the uniform of life for the multifaceted man.

The Artist collaborations are with Renée Rossouw and Lwando Dlamini. 

I was drawn to Lwando's work due to its storytelling nature, bold colours, thick use of texture and frequent features of people. I sensed that it would translate into a garment with ease and make for a playful experience when being worn. Dlamini’s piece, entitled ‘Triumph’, presents an encouraging message of persevering through hardship and conquering challenges with the help of others, instead of doing it alone. 

Renée’s geometric shapes have always appealed to me. Our project began with bright colours and busy spacing of shapes. As lockdown struck, we agreed to pause our developments and revisit the project once the height of the first wave had passed. This resulted in a change of direction to a more inspiring sunrise and simplistic moment on the beach - a moment depicted in Renée's artwork for FIELDS.

This campaign was shot with two models; Jono Forlee and Jay Jay Seigneur. On this day, we shot content for catalogue, editorial as well as video. I wanted to showcase the development of FIELDS by pushing the brand in new directions. With the input of my team, we were able to showcase this with the outcome of beautiful images and content. 


Mikael Hanan

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This collection was shot by Cape Town based, South African photographer, Ian Engelbrecht and flat lays by Michael Goldsmid. 

Video content was shot by Jonathan Kope.

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