The sun has just risen, there is no better time to explore the world. We want to go places, try something new and revel in life. We look ahead, reminding ourselves to use our hands, rise to an occasion, disconnect from the screen, meet face to face, hug; reignite human connection. 

As morning peaks, there is a striking presence of light. It's warm, there's goodness, we are excited and in flow. We translated this through our season’s lookbook shoot.


This seasons’ collection sees a spectrum of middle greens and blues. Slightly more saturated than pastel tones, yet not too bold. We were inspired by the shades of a Southern African winter where the earth is rich, the fynbos is almost green and the mountain streams are flowing. 

Translated to product, we find ourselves solidifying and increasing our perennial pieces. This has evolved organically for us at FIELDS and feels right on a style, sustainable and economic level. We love how we’re able to mature these pieces over the years, improving the silhouette and fabric, while bringing newness through colour and embellishment.

We continue our journey of sustainability as we map our supply chain end to end, and maintain our goal of sourcing all our yarns and manufacturing in Southern Africa. Our seasonal colour is mistletoe and artist collaboration is with Cape Town artist Daniel Malan. More on that soon!

Hope you enjoy the collection!