Origins & Ethos

FIELDS was founded in 2019, by Mikael Hanan. FIELDS is for the multifaceted man, our pieces embrace nuanced masculinity. The brand is organised into three lines: Soul, encompassing contemplation, purity, connection, and integrity; Art, including impactful work, creativity, and leadership and; Outdoor, the tactile, the natural environment, and physicality.

We strive to be both environmentally and economically sustainable. Business decisions are made with a long-term view. Our designs are intended to be timeless - we do not believe in disposable trend-driven fashion, we aspire to create pieces that will last for decades. In 2021 FIELDS won the Trans-Seasonal Award at the TWYG Sustainable Fashion Awards, in recognition of our sustainably crafted, perennial pieces.

Each season we collaborate with an artist from across Africa, translating their work into limited-edition jacquard knitwear pieces. By exhibiting the artists' works as clothing, we enable the wearers to profoundly express themselves and live in the art they so appreciate. FIELDS’ products are created to be collected over the years, to share in journeys from the home to the workspace, from the streets to the outdoors, and in cities across the world.