We have chosen to craft our garments from natural fibres. It is important to us that the materials we use are biodegradable, do not require undue chemical processing, and are non-toxic. We value natural fibres for their natural warmth, breathability and moisture-wicking properties, longevity and renewability. We source our raw materials in Southern Africa, and visit each factory we work with to verify they operate ethically, and maintain a high quality product.


The vast majority of our cotton is grown in sub-Saharan Africa and we are striving for it all to be grown in this region. Our woven cotton is yarn-dyed in South Africa in specified custom shades. We take pride in selecting the highest quality local textiles and have developed signature herringbone, twill and dobby weaves with a Cape Town based mill - which we use in items such as our, shirts and trousers. Our Cotton Denim is sourced from a leading supplier in Mauritius who is spearheading recycling denim yarn. Our jacquard cloth is dyed and woven in a specialist factory in Cape Town. Our single jersey is yarn-dyed and knitted in South Africa.

Merino Wool

Our Merino wool is sourced in South Africa and is Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified. This means that the sheep are ethically raised, mulesing-free, and graze on land that is progressively managed to protect soil health and biodiversity. Our wool is standard 10 by OKEO-TEX certified, which guarantees the yarn is free of any harmful substances. The yarn is dyed on the cone in the Eastern Cape, in specified signature colours. Because we are based in South Africa, we have visited farms, sorting houses, processing factories and knitters, seeing the wool process end-to-end. This direct engagement allows us to understand each component of the supply chain from the source - ensuring that both the quality and the treatment of the workers are up to our standards. Our collaboration with our yarn spinners and Cape Town-based knitters has improved the yarns tension and wax levels, resulting in more luxurious, softer knitwear.

Kid Mohair

Our kid mohair is sourced in South Africa and is RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard) certified. This means that the goats are ethically raised, graze on land that is progressively managed to protect soil health and biodiversity, and the social welfare, working conditions, and the health and safety of workers are prioritised. Kid mohair is sourced from the first two shears of the baby Angora goat, so the yarn is particularly soft. The yarn is dyed on the cone in the Eastern Cape, in specified signature colours.


Sourced within Southern Africa, our full grain leather is chosen for its quality, durability and unique pebbled texture. Reducing waste is important to us, so we have chosen to use leather that is a by product of the agricultural meat industry. Our leather has a firm tannage to help keep its shape and is semi-aniline dyed in South Africa. Semi-aniline dye uses a small amount of pigment which covers the leather in a thin coating that gives it a more uniform colour and extra layer of protection against natural elements but still allows for the leather to develop a natural patina with time and use, enhancing its beauty. We currently source our leather items’ hardware from Italy but are looking for a South African supplier that meets the quality we need. Our leather products are hand crafted in Cape Town at a world leading factory that has been in business for over 50 years.