Not only a change of season, we are also living through a change in the world.  Our journey has naturally progressed from ‘building connections’ and building a community, to embracing change. ‘Be The Change’ is the name of our third collection, inspired by the belief that the FIELDS man is a leader and a formidable change maker. As leaders, we determine where we’d like to make an impact. We look internally and to the community of which we form part. We assess, contemplate and then decide on a course of action in our multi-faceted worlds of Art, Outdoor and Soul. The change need not be grand, it can be something honourably small; however, it must be important to you. 

We hope that wearing the garments in this collection evokes a sense of hope and most importantly, comfort. Look to our classic 1kg Sweater, composed of Merino Wool, Kid Mohair and Linen - a weight that will hug your body in any environment. Perhaps the wearer will feel grounded and at ease, with our heavy-weight cotton Field Shirts and our Straight Leg Trousers in a special herringbone weave. Finally, we hope to instil a sense of pride and optimism with our Artist Collaboration pieces, collector’s items by local artists Buhle Nkalashe and Catherine Holtzhausen.


For this collection, we've perfected the shapes you've come to know and love, and rooted them in a fresh, new colour palette that will inspire the wearer to embrace and embark on a changed world. Look forward to a Delft blue and Rattan version of the versatile One Pocket Shirt. Improved fit and quality of our top-selling Pique Tee has meant a few small adjustments, but also an introduction of a long sleeve edition in Pine Grove green - you’ll wear this with everything.

A New Collection: Be The Change


With the colour Rattan at the forefront of our collection, you’ll see the staple silhouette of The Field Shirt in the oaked honey tone, which pairs beautifully with The Field Trouser - the perfect outdoor option now introduced  in Navy Blazer and Pineneedle. To offset the solid colour we utilised a melange yarn to create the perfect accent with our popular 1kg Sweater.

A New Collection: Be The Change


And finally, we’ve introduced accessories into the Soul capsule, the ideal finishing touch to a complete wardrobe. The 2 By 2 Scarf joins our shelves in a luxurious composition of 100% Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified Merino wool in Black Beauty, Dark Denim and Zen Blue - all in a textured knit adding instant dimension to your look. Look out for your favourite Weekend Trouser, now a wardrobe staple and a permanent offering in our collection.

A New Collection: Be The Change


As a foundational principle, we continue with our use of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) compliant cotton with all our woven fabrics - a guideline for cotton farming that ensures the health of soil, water usage, employees and a lesser amount of pesticides. Our Merino wool is RWS certified and our Mohair can be traced straight to the location in which it was farmed. As a brand, we strive to ensure every decision made, from conception to completion, is considered. For every collection we create, we aim to do so consciously and with sustainability as our true north. Our brand partners with factories that are responsibly run, uphold local craftsmanship, pay fairly and treat their employees with dignity. FIELDS also prides itself as a brand that aims to minimise waste, facilitate support of local communities and raise awareness. Maintaining a sustainable business is central to our values. 

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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

This lookbook was shot by leading South African photographer, Ulrich Knoblauch with flat lays by Michael Goldsmid