Let’s speak fit, feel, fabric and style all relating to the Weekend Trouser. These pants have stayed with us through seasons of change at Fields, deeming itself a timeless classic. In the name of ‘slow fashion’, the Weekend Trouser has proven a perfect example. Keep scrolling to learn why:

The Weekend Trouser is made from cotton that is farmed under BCI guidelines. 

For those of you who don’t know, fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to pollution of the environment. This is due to the vast amount of carbon emission, textile waste that ends up in landfills, the impact of chemical dye leaching into the environment and water pollution. What is BCI you might ask? BCI is an acronym for Better Cotton Initiative, a global not-for-profit organisation and largest cotton sustainability program in the world. This organisation aims to train and educate small farms in adopting more environmental, social, economic and sustainable production practices. This includes minimising the negative effects of fertilisers and pesticides, learning to care for the health of water and soil, as well as ensuring safe conditions that support the well-being of those working on these BCI-compliant farms.

The Weekend Trouser is made from a specialised weave called 'herringbone'.

Comprised of 310gsm of combed, BCI cotton, the zigzag pattern of this specialised weave is named after its resemblance to the skeleton of a herring fish. Origins of the herringbone pattern are found not in fabric, but in the construction of roads in ancient Rome! The development of this pattern allowed for bricks to expand and contract without cracking due to the movement of the dirt underneath. The benefits of the herringbone weave minimises creases, creates a textured warmth, allows for an aesthetic drape and makes for easy ironing.  

It's all about the details: we've added adjustable waist tabs to allow for ease of movement and versatility.

Depending on your style and taste, the subtle addition of this detail allows for two looks from these trousers. The first being a high-waisted fit with the hem grazing just above the ankle, or the second option, allowing them to sit lower on the hips making for an effortless and easy drop-crotch style. The addition of this detail has seen high sell-through rates of this product as a unisex garment. 

The expanding colour-ways will make these pants your go-to trouser, seven days a week. 

With colour options of Pineneedle, Folkstone Grey and Black Iris (navy) available, we hope to see these trousers produced in an array of wearable colours! Whilst we've already mentioned that these pants are here to stay, we suggest that you keep yourselves tuned for what's in store next season.

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