Inspired by the concept of finding your flow, the state of mind where you become fully immersed in an activity. In this state, you're at the point of equilibrium between the challenge and your skill (level). We aim to achieve this state in all three worlds of Art, Outdoor and Soul.

model in denim surrounded by florals

model in navy shirt menswear

This is our 10th collection, and we're in flow. Importantly being in flow does not imply cruising. It's working towards our goals at the optimal point of capability and skill, which when achieved, we see as naturally progressing.

tall model in denim trousers

 For this collection, we've developed a new trousers silhouette, the Daily Trousers, slightly formal trousers which move beautifully when worn.

We've added more elements of denim, including soft denim shirting. You will see multiple leather accessories to pair with the outfit of your choice and, of course, new colours and materials in key silhouettes to build up your collection.

Our artist collaboration is with Andile Dyalvane, one of South Africa's foremost ceramic artists. 

Dyalvane’s work is based on what he has seen or been exposed to as he moves through life. He includes gratitude, CAMAGU, in his work as well as being mindful of his ancestors. When sculpting, he’s mindful of the space he creates, from a scent, sound and visual point of view. 

His piece for FIELDS represents a journey and state of flow.

FIELDS Designer | Mikael Hanan

Photographer | Luke Houba

Art Direction & Styling  | Andrea Albertyn

Models | Batsi Magwere, Bandile Masondo

Hair & Makeup | SJ Taute

We hope you enjoy the collection. 
Mikael and Team FIELDS

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