The collection is centred on being consciously present, appreciating and acknowledging what you have and discovering joy in the moment. Being determined to live in the now, despite the distractions and pressures of modern life and the temptation to compare yourself to others. The collection provides a wardrobe for appreciating that which is good and being mindful of not simply letting precious moments pass as we anticipate the future.


close up macro shot of luxurious knit texture

 With this collection, we introduced several new silhouettes and accessories and added key shades to our existing styles. We developed a lightweight cotton knit for our new Knitted Tee, a luxurious take on the classic tee that is perfect for winter layering.

We added a Hoodie to our offering that features a hand-marbled drawcord. We designed a new Beanie with a tighter rib in our wool and linen blend yarn. And we have begun developing luxury leather goods, diversifying our selection to cement our status as a true lifestyle brand.

Our campaign was shot in studio by Ian Engelbrecht styled by the Studio Degens duo of Antoinette Degens and Daniël Geldenhuys.

We hope you enjoy the collection. 
Mikael and the Fields team.