Olivine, Buttercream, Green Eyes and Zen Blue are a few of the earthy hues that hang effortlessly in our store. With comfort, durability and practicality always at the forefront of our minds, we’ve created our new collection that's minimal in its design approach, but abundant in its detail; all to suit the multi-faceted lifestyle of the modern man. 

Fields is a contemporary label that strives to dress the varying facets of the everyday modern man. Our brand comprises three interchangeable fields of interest: Art, Soul and Outdoor. From design and style, to fit and fabric, every step in the process of creation endeavours to uphold an element of sustainable practice. Our latest collection, Building Connections, is all about making and upholding contact as our brand is received by new wearers across the globe. The theme, so relevant in these uncertain times, underpins a message of hope and the importance of human connection, so much so, that we’ve sewn these words into our garments, as personal reminders, secret affirmations and words of encouragement for the wearer  to keep building on himself, his communities and the world. For us, it's these small details that transform these very garments into pieces of art that can be worn and collected over many years to come. 


The first of the three lines in our collection revolves around the work, creativity and leadership aspects of one’s lifestyle, the Art facet. A core philosophy “Your work is what you give to the world”, reminds us that one can create without being an artist. We designed pieces in this line with an emphasis on a timeless work wardrobe that can be worn all year round. For a refined look we developed the Straight Leg Trousers, a smart and flawless silhouette that aims for both comfort and polish. The One Pocket Shirt is sharply cut for a neat and streamlined fit to the body, perfect for smarter occasions. Look to the V-Neck Sweater, crafted in a blend of Wool and Kid Mohair. The inclusion of Kid Mohair - from the first or second shear of the Angora goat - weaves luxuriously through several of our knitwear pieces, with a blend of Merino wool for ease of wear. The knitted pieces across the collection, including the artist collaborations, add an element of finesse and a light layer of warmth. Wear underneath the General Jacket, complete with shower-proof coating for a daily commute. 

new season of menswear designer clothing


Further contributing to the idea of the multi-faceted man, the line of Soul in the collection represents a shift in pace as the wearer eases into a more subdued realm of his lifestyle. With soft and luxurious fabrics that form the base of this part of the collection, we’ve emphasised the importance of breathability, mobility and relaxation. We created a wide-cut, boxy tee in both foundational colours as well as a classic stripe, to pair with loose-fitting, carrot-silhouetted trousers, cropped at the ankle for ease of movement. The Round Neck Knit made from a blend of wool and mohair is a fitting addition to the wardrobe; a soft layer of warmth that promises versatility and comfort without compromising on luxury. For us, Soul, as one of the three facets, represents the gentler side of the man.

new season of menswear designer clothing


The Outdoor line is a welcomed reprieve from the urban lifestyle. Each piece has been designed to support activity in nature. Whether the scene is set at a campsite, a fishing trip, or perhaps a hike in the mountains, every garment is ready to withstand the elements with focus on utility, durability and practicality in mind. Inspired by the functional nature of military uniforms, this line is manufactured with heavier-weighted fabrics, hardware details and even waterproof coating. The combed cotton Henley Tee is made from a heavyweight single jersey, which provides a lightweight durability to be worn on its own or layered as an undergarment. The Two Pocket Shirt paired with the Field Trouser makes for the ideal head-to-toe pairing, every piece fitted with practical pocket details and extra compartments. The most celebrated piece of the Outdoor line is the Field Jacket, a coveted garment that boasts all the form and functionality you would come to expect from this premium piece of outerwear. It boasts necessary, but unexpected details like a concealed, zip-away hood and a secret pocket located in the left breast. It is also fully lined with the artwork of our chosen artist of the season, which makes this a true collector’s item for any adventurer.

new season of menswear designer clothing


As a brand, we strive to ensure every decision made, from conception to completion, is considered. For every collection we create, we aim to do so consciously and with sustainability as our true north. All garments are woven from natural fibres that are certified and responsibly grown in southern Africa. Our brand partners with factories that are responsibly run, uphold local craftsmanship, pay fairly and treat their employees with dignity. FIELDS also prides itself as a brand that aims to minimise waste, facilitate support of local communities and raise awareness.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.