In Conversation with Lauren Bolus - Fabian Architects + Make Studio

In Conversation with Lauren Bolus - Fabian Architects + Make Studio

Our new FIELDS store in Cape Town's Victoria and Albert Waterfront, on the upper luxury level, is a vibrant and inviting space that reflects the soul of this beautiful city. It's a place where customers can break away from the noise of a traditional mall and join us on a journey of slowing down, supporting ethical and sustainable Southern African production, and investing in garments designed to last. Our collaboration with the talented team at Fabian Architects + Make Studio has allowed us to bring our vision to life and create an inspiring destination where customers can experience our Art, Soul, and Outdoor values at every touchpoint.
In Conversation with SHAKIL SOLANKI

In Conversation with SHAKIL SOLANKI

For our ninth collection, 'Conscious Grounding', we collaborated with South African artist, Shakil Solanki, for our FIELDS x Artist Collaboration series. We interviewed him about his creative process, the inspiration behind our Artist Collaboration sweater, the significance of friendship, owning one's identity, and his preference for shades of blue.
In Conversation with RENÉE ROSSOUW

In Conversation with RENÉE ROSSOUW

This month, we launch our fourth collection of artist collaboration pieces with Cape Town artist and architect, Renée Rossouw. For our theme this season, 'Finding Opportunity', Renée created a morning...
Catherine Holtzhausen artist collab

In Conversation with Catherine Holtzhausen

As part of our third collection, Be The Change, we teamed up with Cape Town-based collage artist and illustrator, Catherine Holtzhausen, to create an artwork that would resonate with this season. Catherine's works exhibit fantastical scenes that challenge hegemonic discourses by replacing them with visuals of connection and compassion.
Interview with designer label boutique store owner for FIELDS

In Conversation with Sylvain Lance Pierre

Parisian-born retail expert and owner of Cape Town-based boutique Bastille, Sylvain Lance Pierre knows a thing or two about the ultimate shopping experience. We chat to him about the importance of selecting the right brands, what’s to come in the world of retail and of course, his love for FIELDS 
Artwork - Lebohang Kganye - Designer Collaboration

In conversation with LEBOHANG KGANYE

For our second collection, we reached out to Johannesburg-based artist Lebohang Kganye to collaborate with us. As one of two South African creators we have chosen to work with on our Building Connections collection, Lebo sits amongst a new and exciting generation of contemporary photographers. 

Interior design by Lei Lester

In conversation with LEI LESTER

Designer and Retail Expert Lei Lester was tasked with transforming FIELDS headquarters into both our creative studio as well as our first store. The challenge was not only to create a place for people to try on and purchase garments, but more importantly to come and see, touch, feel and experience the FIELDS philosophy.