Robin Osrin is a well-known stylist in South Africa, having worked extensively in the fashion industry, both in South Africa and globally. She has done it all, from styling for magazines to being part of large-scale film productions and even working with icons like Novak Djokovic and Fernando Torres. And most recently, she worked on the incredible "Welcome to South Africa" directed by Lindo Langa for Seriti Films. You know, the one with Trevor Noah, everyone's fave! What's super cool is that Trevor showed some local love, staying true to the advert by rocking FIELDS. He was decked out in our stunning Pineneedle Field Shirt and Medium Blue Weekend Trouser from head to toe, literally.

We had a chance to get in conversation with Robin and chat about the advert and her journey as a stylist.


An advert celebrating South Africa featuring Trevor Noah. Why FIELDS?

I discovered your store only a few weeks before the shoot when I visited the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill (Woodstock). I fell in love with the space; and the simplicity and quality of your beautifully designed clothes resonated with me. The more I learnt about the brand being made sustainably in South Africa, and with local collaborations in every collection, it was a no-brainer.

What is Trevor's style like, and did he have any specific requests or preferences for his looks in the advert? 

So, Trevor did not have specific requests for the advert, but the director, Lindo Langa from Seriti Films did. He wanted to try out a few different options for him and suggested a suit, some PJs, and even a gown (which thankfully he changed his mind about). But in the end, they decided on a more casual look that suited Trevor's laid-back style. Trevor's stylist in New York also sent over some clothing options for the shoot, but Trevor decided to wear a local South African brand, FIELDS. I was humbled and grateful for the decision and that was appreciated by the team. As an extra touch, he rocked the limited edition "Bok Tekkie" from Freedom of Movement to complete his look.

Were there any challenges you faced during the shoot that you had to think quickly on your feet to solve? 

The only real challenge we faced was the weather. It was causing chaos, and we had to postpone our first shoot day with Trevor. We were hoping for perfect weather to shoot an ad showcasing the sunny beauty of South Africa. Unfortunately, we had to wait for another free slot in Trevor's busy schedule, as he was occupied with his "Off The Record" tour.

You've worked with several high-profile clients. Is there a standout moment or memory? 

I had the privilege of working with the late great Derek Watts on a Castle Lite ad for Patriot Films directed by Anton Visser. During the shoot, Derek had to take dance classes with a choreographer to learn all his moves for the advert. Despite not being well at the time, he was brilliant and very entertaining. It was an honour to have met and worked with such an amazing human.

Our latest collection is called "Conscious Grounding." How do you maintain a grounded approach in your work and day-to-day? 

Phew... Take a deep breath. In my job, things can get very hectic. There are many people to please, and the brief can change at any moment. However, I believe that looking at the bigger picture keeps me grounded. I am grateful for the work I get to do, and taking deep breaths helps me stay calm. Additionally, practising yoga has been beneficial for me.


Favourite country in the world to visit?


All-time favourite artist?

Jean-Michel Basquiat.

What would you never wear? 


Your favourite piece from the FIELDS collection? 

The Hugh Byrne and Khotso Motsoeneng Artist collab sweaters.

Being creative in South Africa is...

Inspiring, the creativity coming out of SA is just next level.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Magic 828 FM haha...the radio is always on in the background.

What are you binge-watching at the moment?

Dessert Masters, Masterchefs new dessert spin-off.

What are you reading at the moment?

Born a Crime - Trevor Noah ha ha after meeting him, I just had to read it...

Robin with a mirrorball suit she created for a Toyota advert. 

Watch the "Welcome to South Africa" here.

This interview has been edited for clarity. All images are courtesy of Robin Osrin.