Meet Mario Ogle, the creative director at his own digital marketing agency, MSIZI. His laidback, yet eclectic style has us intrigued. From his frequent trips to Espresso Lab to his hiking adventures on weekends, he lets us in on his fashion inspirations, the essentials he can’t do without, and of course, how to wear The Field Shirt.

Tell us about your day job and how you ended up there?

Mario: I’m an entrepreneur and a director at a think-tank, AKA, a digital marketing agency called MSIZI. I was previously very active in the entertainment industry as a recording artist and felt I needed to explore my marketing background and grow laterally.

Have you taken your FIELDS Shirt on any adventures thus far?

Mario: I have - I love the feel, it just oozes quality. I even got stopped in the mall, someone asking if they could take a picture of my outfit and wondering where I got my shirt from… It’s a crowd pleaser.

How have you styled the shirt?

Mario: I’m a minimalist by nature. I don’t like thinking too much… clean lines and comfy cuts are a staple. I paired my FIELDS Shirt with brown, straight-cut pants (wider than usual) and some Converse sneakers. It just works man - timeless workwear.

What makes this shirt a keeper?

Mario: The quality and attention to detail.

Describe your style in three words…

Mario: Retro, Future, Soul…

Do you have a workwear uniform or outfit formula?

Mario: Nah, that’s too much pressure… I wear what I like - this is also one of the reasons I love to be my own boss.

What are the three wardrobe staples you’ll keep replenishing forever?

Mario: T-shirts are my ultimate staple. Converse Chuck 70s in Black - the sneaker silhouette of my dreams, never out of style and in my lookbook for life! And last but not least, socks - these are just important man!

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

Mario: I often look to the East for inspiration… I love the oversized / 70s sensibility from Japan and South Korea - comfortable but still fashion.

What is your city of style?

Mario: I may have alluded to this answer in the last question; Tokyo / Seoul.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Mario: Currently on repeat is the new album by Cory Asbury, "To Love a Fool”.

What are the other FIELDS pieces you’d like to own?

Mario: I’m definitely saving up for that 1kg Wool & Linen Sweater.

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