For our first collection we were honoured to work with artist and gallery owner Michael Chandler. Based in a must-visit 18th Century Cape Georgian House in the heart of Cape Town’s bustling CBD, Chandler continues to surprise and delight his audience with his intricate work. 

What drew you to this collaboration with F I E L D S ? 

I liked the philosophy and the vision of the brand. I liked the idea that you get so much more than just a garment from FIELDS and how, in a way, FIELDS reminds us to live a life that is balanced between work, the outdoors and a certain kind of spirituality found in both. 

Knowing that the brand is so new, how do you come up with a starting point?

I found working with founder, Mikael Hanan, very helpful regarding the direction, in which I needed to take my commission. 

Michael Chandler Wool & Mohair Sweater

What were the things to consider when creating for a garment that’s to be worn, as opposed to any of your more traditional surfaces? 

Because the garment was to be executed as a knitwear I needed to ensure that my lines would compliment that process. Keeping this in mind, I used a thicker pen and limited my use of very fine detail to result in a successful image for the weavers to work with. 

How does this collaboration differ from some of the others you’ve done?

The main way in which it differs is that the result is apparel. I have never created garments with my illustration work before and really loved seeing my lines covering my body as opposed to a flat piece of paper. 

Take us through the thinking around your piece?

The illustration features the duality of urban and natural landscapes that are united by a bridge. The city represents all the aspects of urban life that inspire me and the same can be said about the natural side. Together harmony and balance is created, something every modern person should strive towards. 

Michael Chandler Illustration

What do you hope the wearer feels when putting your work on their body? 

I hope that the wearer of the garment recognises how much further FIELDS has gone in regards to the production of this garment and appreciates the professionalism, integrity and generosity of spirit that are imbued in every stitch. 

What are your thoughts on “wearing art”?

“You should either be a piece of art or wear one.” Oscar Wilde 

How will you be wearing the Michael Chandler knit? 

Because the illustration is quite demanding visually from the detail, I think it has to be the hero in the look. I would pair it with navy trousers, a navy coat (if it’s winter) and a well worn pair of brown leather shoes.

Michael Chandler Wool & Mohair Sweater

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