Sought-after stylist Andrea Albertyn has been creating beautiful imagery for well over a decade. We take a moment to connect with her about her work, her FIELDS collaborations and more.

Impromptu shot captured by Chanelle Naidoo of Andrea Albertyn styling Pivot (model) for a shot by Ian Engelbrecht (photographer) on the set of Collection 11.

What initially inspired you to pursue a career in styling?

I studied fashion design at Cape Town College of Fashion Design and early into my studies realised my passion lent more to styling garments than designing and making them. I wanted to work for magazines and become a fashion editor (which I did before they all died in South Africa) and now I’m a Freelance Stylist - even better, more fun and rewarding.

How did you develop and define your unique style and aesthetic viewpoint as a stylist?

I am not sure I have a unique style. Each client and brief is different and unique with its specific requirements, therefore I tailor my style to fit the brand and story for that moment in time. It’s more about finding what is right for the brief and variety and adaptability is something I value more than a specific style. It means I can work with a variety of brands and a wider network of collaborators. I focus on creating stories that are different, unexpected and beautiful, while still staying true to the brand. 


Your travels through various regions have clearly influenced your work. Can you share insights into your creative process and how you select destinations that inspire your styling?

While working in a few different countries across the globe, Cape Town and the surrounding areas are some of the most diverse in the world. I am constantly inspired by the sheer variety on offer. We are spoilt for choice, any mood we are shooting can usually be solved within an hour or two’s drive. After years of shooting for magazines and keeping busy with personal projects and collabs, I have a catalogue of locations I can draw on that suit any mood.

Your styling often reflects a deep connection with real-life scenarios. How do you establish rapport with your subjects to capture authentic and genuine moments?

First and foremost, selecting the talent we are shooting is crucial to me and something I spend a significant amount of energy and time on. Making sure everyone shares the same vision and a space for everyone to be creative in the moment is what creates those authentic moments. What we aim for is less about real life and more about an idealised version of real life. We portray an aspirational snapshot into the world we hope you want to be a part of. 

Could you tell us about your collaboration with FIELDS on their tenth collection? What aspects of their brand or brief resonated with you?

The theme for Fields 10th collection is “In Flow” and the idea of FLOW is one I try to foster during all my shoots. It's when the right amount of planning and expertise meet the moment where unexpected surprises happen. When the team shares the same creative vision, we make space to enter flow and collaborate in the moment.



How did you translate your creative vision into reality for this specific project?

After receiving the brief I mood-boarded out some rough ideas to take to Mikael. We have a close working relationship and compliment each other. It might be that I’m pushing creative ideas or that Mikael pulls me back to brand again, but the first touch point is crucial to establish the core idea. From there we see what models are in town and select the best ones based on brief, brand and mood. We knew we wanted to shoot something self contained, a space where the models could freely express themselves, so a studio shoot made the most sense. I love working with the photographer Luke Houba. We have the same energy and tastes so I was thrilled to collaborate with him again. On shoot day we had the right balance of planning and opportunity that created an open space of expression and experimentation.   

The theme of FIELDS' 10th collection is ‘In Flow’. How do you maintain a sense of creative flow in your day-to-day work?

Our medium centres around collaboration. An inspiring brief and collaborators I feel comfortable enough to experiment with is crucial for achieving flow in my day-to-day creative life. 

What aspects of your work as a stylist bring you the most joy?

Elevating a brief beyond the expectations of the client and creating something both of us are proud of is the most fulfilling aspect of my job. 

What advice would you give to aspiring stylists? What key lessons have you learned throughout your career?

Find those collaborators in your life who inspire you and nurture those relationships. It takes a long time to build a network, so you need to be constantly creating to keep your voice heard.

What do you hope viewers will feel or experience when they engage with your styled work?



What fuels your creativity in the world of styling?

Observation and engaging in the real world is constantly inspiring. I love engaging in creative practices that are outside of the world of fashion and styling to help create perspective and new sources of inspiration. No one can be more you than you and your taste as a stylist is your greatest commodity.   

What exciting projects or ventures do you have planned for the future?

I’m excited about shooting for the fourth time with FIELDS in our upcoming shoot.


Quick Questions

Favourite city in the world?

Cape Town

All-time favourite artist?  

Michael Taylor

What would you never wear?

Flip-Flops (yuck)

Your favourite piece from the FIELDS collection?

Always the Artist Collaborations.

Being an artist in South Africa is... 

Hard work but super rewarding 

 What are you listening to at the moment?

DOAC Podcasts

 What are you binge-watching at the moment?

The Wheel Of Time 

What are you reading at the moment?

Dune by Frank Herbert


FIELDS Creative Director | Mikael Hanan

Photographer | Luke Houba

Stylist | Andrea Albertyn 

Written by Chanelle Naidoo and Kelly Fung.