Our Eighth Collection, 'Self-Belief'

For our eighth collection, 'Self-Belief', we contemplate the importance of trusting yourself - on finding the confidence to pursue your dreams. To break away from whatever inhibits you. To create a space to focus on what is most precious to you. Now is the time to focus on yourself, your work, and...

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Our Seventh Collection, 'Lighting Momentum'

For our seventh collection 'Lighting Momentum', we look to the world’s need for light, optimism, and progress. We move away from an erratic way of living, shifting to a grounded approach, embracing stability and consistency. We seek a departure from extremes and distractions, we aim to bring a sense of balance,...

Our Sixth Collection, 'Living with Contrast'

 The intense hunger for connection and closeness, the urge to explore, is sharply contrasted with our limited social freedoms - our civic duty. A sense of being powerless against the enormity of this disease, and anger at how we’ve been forced to withdraw from basic human connection, touch and interaction, has ignited a reactionary desire to defy the rules of isolation. To irreverently celebrate freedom and expression.

TWYG Awards 2021

This year, FIELDS brought home the gold as winner of the Trans-Seasonal award presented by BMW and facilitated by Twyg Mag. This award recognises a collection or brand that encapsulates versatile, multi-functional and trans-seasonal style, quality-design and timelessness. Read more to follow our journey.

Our Fifth Collection, 'Exploring'

The sun has just risen, there is no better time to explore the world. We want to go places, try something new and revel in life. We look ahead, reminding ourselves to use our hands, rise to an occasion, disconnect from the screen, meet face to face, hug; reignite human...

The Collection 'Finding Opportunity'

You want to be a part of a change. Now, it begins with an opportunity. This comes at perhaps the most fitting time, knowing that Spring represents newness, a blossoming and a time to restart. We look to a quiet, but hopeful optimism and the commitment to the opportunity you've...

How To Care For Your FIELDS Garments

Extending the lifespan of your garments can be synonymous with adopting a more sustainable way of life. In this week's post, we're letting you in on ten tips that will keep your favourite FIELDS pieces feeling as good as the day you bought them. Read more on how to look after your wardrobe, especially the pieces consisting of natural fibres. 

A New Collection: Be The Change

This season, we welcome a few new additions to the Art, Soul and Outdoor capsules, as we progress from a theme of 'Building Connections', to a much-needed refresh: ‘Be The Change’. We welcome hues of Rattan, Pineneedle and Navy Peony as warm, yet bold colour statements. Read on to discover more about our latest collection.


We spent many months refining and perfecting this piece, from shape and leg-length to the right amount of movement ability and the perfected colourway. We are listing all the reasons why this unassuming wardrobe staple is so special and why it’s remained our top seller for the two years of FIELDS’ journey.

Details: The Artist Collaboration Tote Bag

The FIELDS Artist Collaboration Tote Bag is more than just an aesthetically pleasing shopping basket. Social entrepreneur and man behind the development of these bags, Andrew Lane, shares how manufacturing them contributes to the upliftment of a local community of seamstresses and tailors.

A New Collection: Building Connections

Olivine, Buttercream, Green Eyes and Zen Blue are a few of the earthy hues that hang effortlessly in our store. With comfort, durability and practicality always at the forefront of our minds, we’ve created our new collection that's minimal in its design approach, but abundant in its detail; all to suit the multi-faceted lifestyle of the modern man. 

FIELDS heads to Pitti Uomo, again

Armed with a brand new collection, we journeyed all the way back to Italy to showcase at Pitti Uomo - the most important platform and trade show for menswear collections and the world’s leading brands.  Officially our second visit to the prestigious event, we were proud to represent as the only South African brand on the floor.

Celebrating 365 Days of FIELDS

As we celebrate 365 days of FIELDS making its mark both locally and internationally, we also cheers to the official opening of our Cape Town-based and online store. Friends and family gathered as the sun went down, to drink champagne and explore the newly-designed space and collectable garments that make up our debut collection.

FIELDS: Pitti Uomo Fashion Fair, Florence

Armed with three over-sized suitcases, we made it to Pitti Uomo - the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections. Created in 1972 Pitti Uomo is held in Florence twice a year and is famous for being the launching pad of many men’s fashion labels across the globe. 

Welcome to FIELDS

Founder and creator, Mikael Hanan, talks about the start of the FIELDS journey. In this interview we speak on the inspiration behind the brand and visions for the future. We talk fabrics and sustainable practices that are put into production as we welcome the multi-faceted menswear label into the universe.